Join As a Instructor

Generate Passive income from sharing your knowledge to world.

Are you having technical Skills or passionate in a particular subject and want to share knowledge with others?

With you can now able to create your knowledge as a courses with our pre-built LMS platform you can easily create your courses or upload your video, text, materials Quiz ,etc with simple click and grow as an industry expert instructor.

->Anyone who is interested in teaching online regardless of your experience level or any subject area can join as an instructor.

if you are already an experienced educator and looking to grow your audience and making courses and paid online.

Control over your schedule: As an online instructor you can set your own schedule to teach anytime when you are free and make your content accessible al the time to your audience with online e-learning LMS modules where anyone can access your created courses anytime.

Financial Freedom.

Courses once published will get paid to you for every enrolment happened and when users registers to your courses.

Social impact and satisfaction:

You can able to make others upskill using your courses and classes and make a social impact as a great content creator.